From Madam Kaidanovsky

I. Kaidanovsky and Judo
1. I’m a fucking lazy person for everything but not for judo.
2. With this I stopped thinking in me as a loser, now I think of me as a champion!
3. My team is my second family.
4. Gave to me moral values like: humility, respect, honesty and perseverance.
5. At training or in a combat are the only moments in my life when I feel in control of myself
6. It helps me to deal with my inner anger.
7. I started at judo when I was 14.
8. “Do it and then you can die!!”.
9. I learn that the biggest warrior is not the one who conquers his enemies, but the one who conquers himself.
10. Judo saved my life.

II. Kaidanovsky and Judo (In character)
1. I started at judo when I was 10. I became black belt at 19.
2. At the beginning I suck at judo because I couldn't follow orders but then I learned respect and how to be disciplined.
3. Was my treatment to deal with my anger issues.
4. Helps me to control my physical force.
5. In Judo I learned that my biggest enemy is my own fear. The enemy to fight is me.
6. Outside of the judo circle I was a giant freak, inside I was a figure of respect.
7. Judo civilized my mind but made my body savage.
8. I don't even remember how much injuries I got by judo.
9. As a teenager I thanked my height and weight to not be allowed to practice with girls, too much physical contact.
10. I believe Judo made me a better man, I hope a good husband for my Sasha too.